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User licenses

The rights of the image material on this website remain the property of the photographer at all times: Steppeland - Lutgarde De Brouwer. All photos on this website are copyrighted and cannot be downloaded without my prior permission. It is possible for a fee to obtain a license to use my photos, as described below:

1. Small Personal Use License
Images made available under this license may only be used for your own archive, personal photo albums or other articles and/or social media such as Facebook and Twitter. You can use the photos for yourself unlimitedly. However, this license is only for private use. A different arrangement applies for business or commercial use. (see below)

2. License for Non-Exclusive Commercial and Non-Commercial Use
This gives the customer/client the worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive right to download, edit, publish, reproduce and display the offered images, including on websites and social media. This license is for both commercial and non-commercial use. The photos can also be used in newspapers (press releases, etc.) and magazines, insofar as they serve the personal or business interests of the customer/client. The article or press release must therefore be about you, your work or your company.

The following applies to all licenses:

Where possible the name of the photographer is mentioned: 'Photo: Steppeland'

You are not permitted under these licenses to:

- sell the images;
- to claim the images as your own work;
- upload the images to stock photo websites, photo albums, online galleries or other kinds of database;
- make the images available directly or indirectly to third parties without the permission of the photographer. Any third parties, who also want to use the photos, can contact the photographer, who will make them a friendly offer, with the permission of the original client. This includes the use of images in press releases or articles that do not relate to the personal or business interests of the customer.
- use the images for illegal purposes or purposes that could harm the good reputation of the photographer, the persons depicted, or humanity in general.

The photographer reserves the right:
also to license the photos to others, to publish the images on your own website and social media, and to offer the images via stock sites, insofar as this respects the personal right or property right of the customer/client and/or persons portrayed.

By downloading images from my website you commit to the license agreement you have agreed upon.


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