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About Steppeland


Hi, I'm Steppeland. Well, actually, my real name is Lutgarde De Brouwer.

Steppeland is the pseudonym I choose years ago, when I first started exploring the internet, and later on when I started participating and uploading my images to several online photography and art communities. Now it has become so familiar that I like to continue using this name as my artist name. My online friends call me Steppe.

I’m born in Flanders, the northern, Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, (1958) and living in the Netherlands, Amsterdam.

I am an amateur photographer, with a special focus on nature photography, street photography, editorial, and photojournalism. Every now and then, I also do some design and digital artwork, often based on my own photography.
I just love variation, and enjoy discovering new art forms! :)

My nature photography has an aesthetic and a documentary aspect and results from what I experience as a personal encounter with the subjects I photograph. My work shows the beauty and variety of landscapes, flowers, plants, and animals – and very often at the same time, shares some knowledge about it.


Also in my street photography and photo-journalistic work, I feel somehow connected with the people I photograph, I am touched by their individual stories, and try to capture some of that in the image…

Trained as a social worker and member of an international group of women who care about wholeness and healing, I combine my love for creation, people and cultures in the images I make.

I’m happy that you have taken the time to come and look at my work.

I hope you will like what you find here and that you will enjoy looking at the images as much as I did making them.

Thank you for your visit. your comments and suggestions are always welcome.




My work and profile pages on diverse photography- and art sites:
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