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With a photobook of Saal Digital
you have something to give in hands...!


Some months ago (June 2019), my sister Agnes and I made a road trip with a mobile home through Denmark. It was a great experience, which we enjoyed both very much! We wanted to explore the country, especially rural and natural Denmark, and we wanted to make lots of photos. Which we did! So we came home with loads of photographs, and of course, we wanted to be able to show them.  So we decided to make a photobook together.

We choose Saal Digital to have our photobook printed, and we were lucky to get the possibility of a nice discount,  provided that we would make an honest product review afterward.  So here we go!

Software sometimes not very intuitive...
The work on the photobook didn't go always that smoothly. The software of Saal Digital surely does offer a lot of possibilities, but according to our experience, it wasn't all that intuitive. So it required quite a bit of searching and adjusting, to get the layouts exactly how we wanted them. Which was quite frustrating, especially in the beginning. Admittedly, we did choose to do everything manually. Opting for the automatic layouts might have gone quicker and easier maybe, but wouldn't have matched our expectations. Luckily, as we gradually gained some confidence and experience, things went better. And every new spread we put together was a new surprise and reason for a little party.

Time pressure and silent helpdesk
To be eligible for the coupon, we needed to have our photobook ready to order within 14 days. We had hundreds of photo's to select and work through, and of course, our holidays were over and we had to get back to work.  There wasn't that much time to work on the book and the pressure was on! So we decided to send an email to the helpdesk to ask for some extra time,  to continue working on the photobook in a relaxed way. Sadly, we didn't get any reply. We did, however, receive two automized messages from the helpdesk, giving us some useful tips, and telling us we could always contact them if we needed any help.  But also a second email stayed unanswered.  Maybe it was vacation time for the helpdesk too?

So we pushed on. We did enjoy working together on the photobook anyway and relived our holiday-memories while doing so.  It would have been even nicer if we both would have been able to work on the common project online in some way so that either of us would have been able to continue the work from home while the other was doing something else. However, since the software was downloaded on the laptop of Lutgarde, that wasn't possible.

And a few sleepovers and quite some nightly working hours later, we did manage to finish the photobook, just before the deadline.  From then on it became really enjoyment!...


Very quick service and delivery
We didn't have to wait very long: after our order had been placed, it took only a few days before we got the message that our photobook was ready for mailing, and within another few days, it was delivered at our doorstep. How exciting to take the well-packed photo album out of the package! And what a pleasure to look at it for the first time, and then again and again. Every time we take it in our hands, we can relive the best moments of our vacation, and enjoy the beauty of our photographic work in real print.

A wonderful product!
And what a wonderful product is the photo album. The special binding makes that the pages open completely flat. The paper is of very high quality and has a great feel. And the color reproduction is fantastic!  In addition to the book, we also could download a PDF-preview for free! With not too much effort, we were even able to translate that digital version of the photobook into English and download it, to share with our English-speaking friends.

What a pleasure to be able to show everyone the photo album, and so much easier to share the stories that go with it! We are very proud of it!

So, this beautiful book gets a place of honor on the cupboard in my living room for the coming time. This way we always have it quickly at hand again! Thank you, Saal Digital!

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