Imaging moments of unity... Photography with a soul.

Latest work


Deserted North Sea beach - panorama
Brent geese in front
A polder full of geese
Featured on Instagram by Zoomnl 29-04-2021
Lining up
Further on
Finding the spot
Walking down
Walking up
Got one!
Exploring the water
Two coming closer
Out of rythm
Scanning the streaming
Synchronised action
Searching the waters
Fishing toghether
In pursuit 4 - black and white
Foraging on the mudflats
Hey, are you coming?
In pursuit 1
In pursuit 3
In pursuit 2
Hereford cow in deep thoughts - solo portrait
Hereford cow in herd - portrait
One among the herd
A herd of horned Hereford cattle in the dunes
Hereford cow resting in dunes landscape
Horned Hereford cow in the dunes - standing.
Flowering gale texture
Buds and flowers of gale vegetation
Fireworks of redbrown and orange
Orange yellow glow
Information board  Boschplaat in dunes landscape
Meadow pipit and emblem of European Nature reserve
On the corner of the info board
Konik horse on dune top, eating grass
Konik horse grazing on dune top
Konic horse in the dunes - landscape
Two konic horses on a dune top
Konic horse in the dunes - landscape
Konic horse on a dune top
Mute swans on the Veluwemeer lake
May I have this dance
I bow for you
Three swans on the water
Beauty from within
Dance with me
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