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Nature photographer at work at the birdwatching screen
Wadingbirds in the flooded river forelands
Great Cormorants safety lane
Lapwings in flight 4
Lapwings in flight 3
Forelands of river IJssel and Veenoordkolk
Landscape of the Veenoordkolk with pollard willows
Pollard willows near the lake
Lower branches decorated
Pollard willows along the Veenoordkolk
Crowded birds-isle on the flooded forelands of river IJssel.
On their way
Swirling water abstract 3
Swirling water abstract 2
Swirling water abstract 1
Eurasian curlews flying over - 2
Eurasian curlews flying over
Forelands view on Deventer
Oncoming traffic
Couple wigeons on the water of the Veenoordkolk vortex lake
Bolwerks windmill and flooded river forelands
Oystercatchers flying over
Cityview on Deventer and River IJsel - panorama
Two Great Crested Grebes
Whirling cloud of birds
Black and whithe landscape at Wehebachtal water reservoir.
Landscape at Wehebachtal water reservoir.
Watchtower and rowan tree
Road to the watchtower
Pines morning greetings to the fading moon
View over the water reservoir with extraction tower
Water extraction tower at Wehebachtal reservoir
Panorama at the wehebachtal water reservoir
Flowering daisy fleabanein with view over the lake
Eyebright, a semi-parasitic wildflower
Elegant milkworts flower
Gentle flowers of eyebright - macro
Zinc violet's yellow symphony
Autumn crocus  close-up
Autumn crocus hidden in high grasses
Landscape with scatered trees and bushes
Elegant birches and stirdy pines
Landscape of the Schlangenberg nature reserve
Idyllic view on Breinig landscape
Standing stong
Three pines on a hill
Whispering heights
Nature reserve Schlangenberg, Breinigerberg, Stolberg Germany
Scrambled egg slime fungus and foliose lichen
Schlangenberg landscape
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