Imaging moments of unity... Photography with a soul.

Latest work


bird impression - abstract
Oystercatcher on the mudflats
A sky full of birds
Brent geese swimming in the Wadden Sea
Blackheaded gull along the dike
Two benches with view on de mudflats
Looking out over the dunes
Bench and shadowbird
On top of Kaapsdune
Looking out over the polders
Polders and Wadden Sea panorama to the South
At the other side of the dunes...
Coastal dunes and North Sea panorama to the North
Information board birdwatching
A slice of North Sea behind the dunes
Concentrate and focus
Moving a little further
Wind in the back
Circle of stones landscape
Small food is fine food
Everything safe up there?
Silver blue Wadden Sea reflection
Wadden Sea landscape with photographer on the dike
Photographer on the dike.
The Seaweed Barn
One foot up
Overviewing it's territory
On it's guard
Looking back
Waving grasses pattern
Soaring in the sky
Friendly appoach
Curious foal
Safe with mom
Muddy feet and beak
Ruddy turnstones looking for food
Turnstones feeding table
Frontal view
Fly freely
Small bird in a wide water and mud world
Black and beautiful
Camping farm the Seaweed Barn
The horse and the wagtail
Peaceful grazing
Flight of birds over the Wadden Sea
walk with the flow
looking at it's reflection
Panoramic view of the dune lake - full width
Dune lake landscape
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