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Music for the bicycles
So typical Dutch...
Innocent coffeecup romance
Photobook PDF - english version
The take-off
In misty morningland
This morning at Diemer Woods
Small wild duck family story
Mom and babies Mallard in a streambed
Tractor spraying fertilizer or pesticides on tulips field with sprayer
Tulips field panorama
When the tulips bloom
Red yellow tulips on a field
Red yellow tulips on a field - close-up
Red-yellow tulips on diagonal beds
Tulips field with tractor and farm houses - landscape
Barnacle goose standing on one foot.
Red and white cow in stable
There where the tulip fields flower
There where the windmills are
Three windmills on the dike
Two sheep and a tulips field
Sheep and tulipsfield
Traditional North-Holland farmhouse - close-up
Traditional North-Holland farmhouse with bridge and ditch
Mother duck and three ducklings
Lady Mallard up-close - animal-portrait
Northern and Southern lock and few village houses of Schardam - panorama
Noordersluis in Schardam with the banpaal and some village houses.
Southern lock in Schardam seen from the sea-side
Sandpiper and redshank foraging together
Beautiful hybrid goose
Nature reserve Landje van Naber. De Hulk, Hoorn, Nord-Holland, the Netherlands
Keeping very still
Almost invisible
Spring lane in rural North-Holland
Breeding black-headed gulls on the landscaped shell beach isle
I am ready, just take me
Symmetric diving
Two pied avocets foraging in shallow brackish water
Could I have your attention please?
Two barnacle geese swimming
When goose gets angry, redshank runs
Unicorn on top of the banpost of Schardam
Stone indicating construction year 1738
Text stone in the brick wall of the Southern lock
Two pairs of greylag geese in flight
Also the geese...
Banpost and lock keepers house Schardam
Wooden meadow gate with sign Do not enter: Breeding area.
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